Facebook ads conversion is one of the best ways to maximize social media for your business growth. It is a reliable means of overflowing your business with potential customers if practised well.

Facebook as a social media platform is also a powerful marketing platform that is globally recognized. The digital space is the future of marketing. Smart marketers never underestimate the effect of Facebook on their marketing strategies.

The Facebook marketing community keeps growing as businesses keep taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Although Facebook advertising has got so much to offer any business, there are still lots of risks involved in Facebook advertising. If you are not doing it the right way, you will be wasting a big chunk of your ads budget.

As a Facebook advertiser, you might be thinking you need to increase your ads budget to make your ads convert, but other factors contribute to Facebook ads not converting.

In this article, I will list some reasons why your Facebooks ads aren’t converting and ways to optimize your Facebook ads for maximum conversion.

Now that you have found some insightful secrets to making your Facebook ads convert, I hope you start cashing out. Your clients can smile with you again!

Use the right campaign objective

The goal of your campaign should determine the campaign objective you will be choosing for your ad.
E.g If you are selling a product, you shouldn’t be choosing a send message objective. The Facebook algorithm has been set to deliver results based on your campaign objective, and this simply tells Facebook that you want people to send you a message, not convert.

Conversion is one of the best Facebook objectives that you can use as it targets people that will take action. There are different conversion goals and some of them are sign-ups, downloads, purchase and many more.

So, I will advise you to start running conversion ads today if you want to start cashing out on Facebook.

Let it get through the learning phase

Facebook ad is like starting a business. It’s not always the first time you start a business that you start cashing out immediately, right? That’s why you have to give your ad at least 2 days of the running time to go through the learning phase. 

In the learning phase, you might not exactly get results because Facebook is targeting smaller audience groups. Facebook is doing this to see which one will respond to your ads, and that’s why your ads might perform poorly.

So, before complaining that your Facebook ad is not converting, leave it to scale through the learning phase first. 

Optimize your copywriting

As much as Facebook is a good advertising platform, we should also remember that Facebook is a social media platform. The majority of Facebook visitors don’t come online to make a purchase.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your copy is talking to them directly and focused on the benefits of the product. Highlight the product benefits over its features. Talk about how your products will make their lives better in the simplest possible language and avoid using technical words.

Researchers have shown that users spend an average of at least 1.7 seconds per News Feed item on mobile. Therefore, the attention span of people on Facebook is short.

So, remember to make your product and offer easy to understand.

Target the right audience

In Facebook advertising, you will have to test. I know it sounds difficult and complicated, but you need to start testing. Facebook ads have a lot of audiences. So it can be tough sometimes getting the right audience to convert.

First, you need to understand your customers and their needs. Then you create an audience persona and use this information to target the right people on Facebook.
You can also experiment using different targeting options like lookalike audience and interest targeting.

Also, keep up with trends to ensure that the language and slang used in your copy are relevant to the demographics you are targeting.

Make your call to action obvious

A call to action is a button, text or link that clearly states what you want your audience to do. E.g sign up, buy now, shop now, submit etc.

Every ad should have a call to action in the image or the description text to convince the audience to take the desired action. Make sure that your call to action is relevant to your sales goal if you want your ads to convert.

Also, you can test different variables of your call to action to know the right one that is enabling your audience to convert.

Call to action is an essential part of your ads. If it’s missing in your copy, you will leave the right audience confused on the next step to take.


I hope you find this insightful as I have given you tips to ensure that your Facebook ads start getting conversions.

You can’t always control the Facebook algorithm, but you can start making changes to your ads to ensure that you are on the right track.

If you have tried all of these tips and you’re still finding it hard to convert on Facebook, or you need a professional to deliver results for you, feel free to reach out to me here.

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